What to do in Clisson

In the heart of Clisson, discover the Jewels of the vineyards of the Nantes area. Between the Muscadet vineyards and the Sevre river, a large range of activities are available to you to ensure the success and authenticity of your meeting, seminar or event. Enjoy an exceptional environment to tighten the links between your employees or associates. Opt for a presentation about wine and let your teams discover our Muscadet terroir. For a teambuilding seminar, we offer a treasure hunt in Clisson, or a game of Medieval jousting. If you are looking to offer a more relaxing stay, we offer a canoe tour on the Sevre river or an introduction to Laughter Yoga. You can also enjoy a private access to our relaxation area with sauna and hammam. And as an assurance of a successful evening, we offer casino nights, karaoke nights, dances, quiz evening …. Our entire sales team is at your service to guide you in your choices and make your event a success.

Fun activities

Canoe tour on the Sevre river

Canoe tour on the Sevre river starting at a 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel.

Treasure hunt in Clisson

Clisson hides more than one treasure in his city … Go to find them and explore, the unusual way, the jewels of the vineyard.

Orientation, riddles, observation: all your senses will be in action to draft the history of the medieval city. Awakes its memory and thus unearth its treasure!

Awards will be offered for the best team around a “verre de l’amitié”

Activity duration: around 3 hours.

Rallye in Clisson

In different teams, you will discover Clisson with a paper copy of the rally, that will also be your guide in the medieval city.

Each team of 3 to 4 people, receives at the beginning of the game a paper questionnaire, accompanied by a map of the city. You will let the questionnaire guide you while seeking answers under the information panels. During your journey you will have to accomplish2 fun challenges: blowgun contest and blind race. The team that won the most points will be rewarded.

Medieval jousting in Clissson : a tradition from the country of muscadet

1380: Olivier V de Clisson is named connetable by Charles VI, king of France. To celebrate the event, he wanted to organize tournaments in his native city. Here is his letter of challenge:

« Oyez, Oyez, braves gens, Dames, Damoiselles et Messires de Clisson et ostres lieux, icy Mesme en sa cité de Clisson, Olivier, nommé connetable de France par notre bon et valeureux Roy Charles, vous convie au centre d’Icelle cité pour faire avec iceluy fastueuses joutes et granduose festoiement. Oncques ne verrez tant de gentes dames ni tant de si beaux chevaliers rassemblés pour jouter. Messire Olivier lui-même siègera en grand honnor. Il recevra les vainqueurs des joutes autour d’un godet de joyeux breuveage. »

“Hear ye, Hear ye, good people, Dames and Damsels and Messires from Clisson and other places. Here, in his city of Clisson, Olivier, named connetable of France by our good and valiant King Charles, invites you dowtown for lavish jousting and great feasting. It is not so often that you will see so many ladies or such fine knights gathered for jousting. Sir Oliver himself will preside. He will receive the winners of the contests around a cup of cheerful beverage.”

The Knight of the kingdoms and duchies around are invited to participate in 4 games in a pacific manner: verbal jousting, skill games, water games, taverns games.

They will receive some “écus” based on their exploits, the number of these rewards at the end of games, will determine the winner. But beware of the “tire-jarrets”!!

Each knight group will prepare and submit to the Honourable Oliver an “epic song” to entertain him more. A cheerful drink will be served.


In teams of 4 to 5 people, discover Clisson: touristic and historical city, watered by the Sèvre river and the Moine river, its parks and Warenns, its medieval castle with its Italian-style. Discover the historical past of its monuments.

Each team receives a logbook including a map of the perimeter of the Olympiad, the sequence of the various tests, the course of the game and a questionnaire on the city.

Teams depart on a journey full of trials, tags and puzzles.

At each event (4) a number of points is assigned by the facilitators based on the score obtained. Puzzles and questions, whether they are resolved or found in their entirety, complete the score obtained in the tests in the form of bonuses.

Each team participates in the trials and must finish in a timing displayed on the Logbook.

Awards will be offered for the best team around a “verre de l’amitié”

Activity duration: around 3 hours.

Gastronomic activities

Wine testing initiation

Let the oenologist introduce you to tasting techniques and you will discover the many facets of his art.

Duration : 1 H 30

Cooking Workshop

« Atelier Cuisin’Eat » from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Each participant will realize its meals in a very well equipped kitchen. A kitchen facilitator will help, through its advice and handling, the participants in the preparation of different recipes. The Chef’s tips will guide you to achieve the recipes.

At the end of the activity, participants will leave with their dishes created with simple and original recipes !!

Relaxation activity

Casino night

The Master of Ceremonies will welcome the participants and then leaves the croupiers enliven their tables. Once participants have their bets, they start the games with pleasure.

After 1H 30 of games, an auction is led by Master of Ceremonies. Participants will bet their accumulated “earnings”.

Table games available: roulette, balls, black jack, chuck a luck

Prizes will be provided for the auction.

For your evening, we recommend 4-5 people per table.


Access to the relaxation area with sauna and hammam, body care, introduction to relaxation, dancing, karaoke…